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  Type 1: “Why did you decide to seek a position in this company?”


  “You are a top company and I am convinced there would be no better place to work. You provide your employees with an open working environment based on team work。”

  Type 2: “Why did you leave your last job?”


  (Hint: Don’t lie and don’t speak badly of your past employer)

  “I felt there was a lack of potential for upward mobility, I needed a more challenging job”

  Type 3: “How would you describe your ability to work in a team?”


  ”As part of my college basketball team I learned we must work together. My individual training in the gym contributed to the team’s overall success. I like a mix, with a group I get the group input, but some projects are done better if just one person is working on them”

  Type 4: “What skills have you developed in your previous roles?”


  “During my internship I worked for a few days in each of the departments of a company. This gave me a great insight into management techniques and how a big organisation works”

  Type 5: “Would you be willing to travel in this job?”


  “I understand that in order to build a good long term relationship with our customers it sometimes necessary to travel. I am more than willing to do this”

  Type 6: “Describe your leadership skills?”


  “It is important to take everyone’s opinion into account and give them the opportunity to excel. My role, as I see it, is organise and get things in order”

  Type 7: “What suggestions do you have for our organisation?”


  “Looking at your website, and comparing it with those of your competitors, I think you should streamline the site and emphasis the recent upgrades to your products”

  Type 8: “What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?”


  “Taking for granted the huge sacrifices my parents made, so that I could succeed. I now do everything I can to make them proud of me”

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